Office Address
373 Johannes Ramokhoase Str, Downies Building, PTA CBD, BOISA

Tutorial Campus
266 Johannes Ramokhoase Str, PTA CBD, Christian Progressive College

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 8:00 - 19:00

+27 12 755 0163

+27 71 765 4605

+27 83 367 0775

A little about us...

We are a developing private university tutorial institution which was founded in 2016 in an attempt to assist students to claim their qualifications in record time. In the last three years and counting, we have eased students repetition of modules and have witnessed numerous graduation ceremonies.

We acknowledge that every student is intelligent hence, our first service is to unveil the natural intelligence in you. In an attempt to give students studying via correspondence a university experience, we offer classroom tutorials out of which friendships are developed and lifelong learning is promoted.

Most of the tutorial sessions at Noble Tutors are conducted by university graduates who are ready to equip students in the courses they are registered for as well as skills which will be useful in their careers. It is our request that students should not undermine the scheduled attendance as this contributes in the outcome of their final results.

Our Services

Physical classes

Attendance of classes is based on the timetable schedule. In this option, you are entitled to a 90 minutes session once a week, assistance in all assignments, exam packs and a full day revision tutorial before the examination.


We provide assignment solutions and or guidance to the solutions in selected modules.

Exam Packs

These comprise of past exam question papers along with their solutions and are useful for exam preparation.

One Month Revision

Sessions are offered 4 weeks before the final exam date. These are 4 sessions of which the last one is a full day revision session. These are intensive and profound classes!

One Day Revision

Sessions are offered on the weekend/ weekday before the exam date.

Online Modules

Need relief from online modules? Talk to us and we'll ensure to meet you at your point of need in most online modules such as EUP1501, CAS1501, SUS1501, HRM1501 e.t.c

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